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If you are looking for an ideal tattoo-near-me place, look no further. Bini tattoo studio will make sure your desired tattoo is brought to life by our professional tattoo artists.

We can help to choose a style that perfectly fits you. Our talented artists can do a wide range of tattoos including custom design, Asian style, realistic, colour, old school, traditional, neo traditional, line work, dot work, portrait tattoo, etc. And of course, be assured that cleanliness is a priority of ours. We use a tattoo machine with sterile disposable needles attached. We work only with modern equipment that prevents deep skin damage and allows a uniform application of the ink particles under the skin.


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If you are searching for the perfect piercing-near-me place join us in for our piercing services as well. We provide piercing for various body parts and work with you, to provide a comfortable, clean and safe experience.

The main process is performed quickly and without anesthesia by sealed and sterilized piercing needle. Our piercing parlour guarantees that recognized professionals will take care of your appearance, health and mood.


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Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup will make your appearance balanced and bring you more confidence that comes with it. If you are keen on the natural “no makeup” look, Bini tattoo permanent makeup should become your first place to visit.

Our main purpose is to improve your appearance by equipping ourselves with colours and designs to blend naturally with the tone of your skin. Once you have found “near me” permanent makeup, you get an excellent opportunity to save up to 2 hours daily. The colour placed “in” your skin looks more natural and softer.

Cooperating with our talented artists you get used to stop worrying about your makeup rubbing off or smearing. Bini tattoo permanent makeup will cater to your needs and reveal your real beauty.


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Body jewellery

The more popular body jewellery becomes, the higher quality customers require. Bini tattoo body jewellery provides top-notch service. Proficient materials are used while more possibilities in body jewellery continue to be created.

Body jewellery provides the infinite possibility for the imagination. Anything you want can be yours after specialist advice.

Our experienced team will direct you to the appropriate materials and sizing. We also help to make our service suitable to every taste and budget.


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Watercolour Tattoo Toronto

Watercolour Tattoo Toronto

5 Reasons to Make a Tattoo. A tattoo is more than just a drawing on the body. Many people believe that this is a real art and a symbol that helps to change lives. Scientists found out that people were making drawings on their bodies 6000 years ago. Impressive, yes? Apparently, even in ancient times, everyone wanted to stand out from the crowd. Nothing has changed and today each of us also wants to walk in tattoo Toronto saloon and start a new stage of the life thereby making so long-awaited tattoo. If earlier for this purpose it was necessary to suffer the unreal pain of burning out, now the special machine in each Toronto tattoo salon will do everything almost painlessly and much faster. Of course, there are pros and cons of making such important decision but we can surely claim that the number of pros is much higher. Let’s consider five main reasons to make a tattoo in Toronto.

Tattoos Toronto

Why to make? Reason #1: Consider it as a talisman. If you choose the right drawing for your tattoos in Toronto, you can provide yourself with angelic protection. Many people give symbols a sacred meaning and believe that they guard against negative energy and bring a good luck. It is possible that this faith is what gives them additional confidence, charging with optimism and new outlooks on life.

Reason #2: Attractiveness. Girls spend hours trying to give beauty to their hair, nails, and general appearance. But don’t forget that the drawing on the body will easily ensure you stay in the spotlight without any additional efforts. In addition, the tattoos in Toronto will be able to emphasize the girls’ beauty and accentuate your unique charms.

Reason #3: Individuality. Do you want other people to understand your character without words? Or, perhaps, highlight some of the characteristics of your personality? That your image was absolutely unique and stands out from the crowd? Then arrange a meeting with the master who makes tattooing in Toronto and create your new tattoo right now!

Reason #4: Memory. Many people with a tattoo in Toronto have made them in memory of a loved one or of a certain special event which they want to remember forever. You first visited New York and fell in love with this city? Why not find in the Google “best tattoos near me” and not make a drawing that will transfer you to the memories of this dream city for the rest of your life?

Reason #5: Trend. The watercolor tattoo in Toronto, as well as other types, are extremely fashionable and stylish nowadays. Every day hundreds of young masters who learn the art of drawing on the body visit the internet shops for tattoo equipment. After all, demand creates supply. And this demand grows every day. Just try to search for “tattoo near me” and you will see the number of saloons which you have not noticed before. Therefore, hurry and visit the master, until the drawing on the body is mainstream in your company and worldwide.

Walk in Tattoo Toronto

Walk in Tattoo Toronto

Disadvantages of creating. Speaking about tattoos and reasons for making them, of course, we can’t mention the cons of making them:

  • These drawings sometimes cause the rejection of the paint by the body;
  • the process of getting a pattern on the body is quite painful;
  • with the process of time, picture can lose its relevance.

Weighing all the pros and cons of the pictures on the body, you should understand that this is a serious step and if you want it, it worth to be made. Don’t think that the searching for a “good master tattooing near me” is the most important part of the whole process. It is rather complicated and serious process that should be carefully thought out. Think for a while, will you be with the person whose name you want to draw on your body in ten years? Whatever the reason has encouraged you to make a tattoo, one rule is the same for everyone – choose only a professional in this business who will comply with all the sanitary and hygienic standards of his work. And before going to the salon, carefully think again: is it really a good idea to go there? Now tattooing is not as difficult as before. But it’s better to live and enjoy the result of such decision each day than to regret years of reckless action and search for options to remove it.