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If you ask your Granny what does she think about microblading, she will most likely decide you’ve gone crazy or used curse words. It’s absolutely normal and predictable reaction as even 5-10 years ago no one has heard about the procedure of eyebrow tattooing and microblading. Nowadays things have changed and in most image-conscious countries and cities this procedure is “must-have” for many girls.

You will be greatly surprised when seeing how the shape and size of the eyebrows can change the whole appearance, highlight the beauty of eyes, alter the shape of the face and better frame it. Permanent makeup will not only help you get rid of the morning routine of applying cosmetics but also can change your appearance the way you can’t do by yourself. For example, with the permanent makeup, you can get more full lips, ideal eyelining, and more thick eyebrows. In our article, we are going to consider the latter one. Let’s sort out what is the eyebrow tattooing and microblading, why they are different, and when it’s time to think about this procedure.

So, the first difference is that the eyebrow tattooing is permanent while the microblading is temporary. For the first make up the traditional ink is used and for the second one in most cases, the master will use special pigment. The main distinctive feature of the microblading is that it applies pigment in fine strokes which look like the real hair. This means that even if you have super thin eyebrows, with this procedure it will be very difficult to distinguish between your hairs and ones that were “drawn” by a pigment.

The microblading procedure is more popular nowadays if compare with the tattooing due to its more realistic look. However, both of these permanent makeups are very effective and it depends on your needs and preferences which one to choose. In this article, we will help you to make a final decision about “to do or not to do” this procedure and in what cases it is highly recommended. So, if you found yourself at least in one of the cases described below, it’s time to move forward with one of these procedures. Let’s go!

Case #1: Your eyebrows are super thin.

If you are fed up with the jokes of your friends about the difference in your appearance with and without makeup or dream about waking up every morning without drawing brows, consider eyebrow tattooing or microblading procedure. It will not only help you get rid of the complexes because of your brows but also can change your overall appearance for better.

There is a great number of reasons why people have problems with eyebrows. For some of us this is a genetic “gift”, for others, it may be a negative consequence of medical conditions or lack/ excess of the certain vitamins. In most cases, this problem is the result of our too active shaping or reshaping the eyebrows with the tweezers some years ago. Remember when it was super cool to have the eyebrows-strings? Unfortunately, times have changed and today we have to do something to correct the lack of the eyebrows or to improve their condition. Whatever was the reason which led to such problem, to date you can fix it with either tattooing or microblading procedure.

Case #2: You don’t like the asymmetry of your face.

If ask ten people whether they like the symmetry of their face or not, nine of them will tell you they don’t. This is not a surprise as a very few of us are born with the ideally symmetrical face. How many of you like to take pictures on their “good side”? Yes, we know that you do this. Thank God, with the modern technologies in the world of beauty, we are able to change the shape and symmetry of our face for better. If you are tired of permanent using of makeup to correct the symmetry of your face and manipulate your look, consider the microblading or tattooing procedures. Both of them will provide you with the desired result and make both of your sides “good”.

Case #3: You are fed up with the eyebrow makeup.

Every morning you wake up an hour earlier to create the ideal look? Your cosmetic bag is full of various eyebrow powders, pencils, fillers, fixers, gels, and other stuff to make the maximally realistic brows? You look like a good candidate for the permanent eyebrow makeup procedure. Microblading or tattooing will provide you with the perfect brows and save your money on eyebrow cosmetics as well as give you a chance to sleep an hour longer.

Case #4: You cry each time when seeing price tags on eyebrow cosmetics.

Yes, we know how pricy is cosmetics nowadays. Especially if it is good cosmetics. Especially if it is good cosmetics for eyebrows. Of course, we don’t want to save on our health and appearance but if every time when you pay for the new eyebrow pencils, gels, fixers, powders, and other stuff to get the eyebrows of your dreams you are close to hysterics, think about the permanent makeup. This procedure is pricey- it is indisputable fact. But if you calculate how much do you spend each month/year for the eyebrow cosmetics you will be shocked. So, maybe it’s better to do it once and forget about this problem?

Case #5: You have a chance to fix the situation.

At the beginning of our article, we mentioned your Granny and this is not a coincidence. Just think for a while how many opportunities we have nowadays to do something with our appearance. Opportunities that our mothers and grannies didn’t have. The one way out for them was to put up with it and love themselves the way you are. But people, it’s 21st century outdoors! We have super new technologies, rockets fly off into the sky, and we have to put up with the things we don’t like in our appearance? This is simply ridiculous. The medicine and cosmetology are at the high level today and we have a great chance to use them for 100% and get the result we dreamed for so long.