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Our experienced artist who had learned from the best technicians in Europe has the intention to bring only joy and happiness into your makeup routine. She easily operates different equipment and techniques to achieve your personal satisfaction and find the shape and colour that exclusively benefits your unique features.

Policy & Recommendations

A $50 deposit is required for all permanent makeup bookings to hold the spot. One week notice is required for any cancellations or rescheduling in order to not forfeit deposit. Deposit will be calculated towards total amount at procedure date.


Eyeliner design can be as bold or as subtle as you like, and can include two-tone, shading and smudged effects.

Eyebrows can be done as a soft powder effect, hair-stroke or a combination to give you your most complementary look.


New treatments for lips choose from lip liner, lip blend or full lip colour. Watercolor LIPS (NO contour, NO scabs).

Please disclose if you have had your brows/ Lips/ Eyes tattooed in the past, it is necessary to see the zone that you would like to be upgrade first for a consultation before an appointment can be made. You can send a picture on Instagram or Facebook messenger.

Some skin types may be considered problematic for semi-permanent makeup and may require additional sessions to complete makeup.

Remember, you have to follow the aftercare instructions in order to get the desired results. Otherwise, it might affect the retention of the colour and lead to excesses bleeding. It might be an additional charge for any additional session(s).


Semi – Permanent makeup

powder shading, ombre technique
lash enhancement, liner, stardust shade
Watercolour lips
3D effect
Full Lip colour
baby lips effect
Lip blend
contour highlight
Beauty marks
beauty spot
melaninized cells
$50 up
of old cosmetic tattoo treatments

Semi permanent cosmetic tratments

Eyebrow Shaping
& Tint
Eyebrow Shaping
& Henna coloring
Keratin Lash Lift
& Tint
Botox Lash Lift
& Tint
Russian style eyebrows
& Tint

Note: All semi-permanent makeup procedures include touch up within 4-6 weeks. Touch up after that period starts from 50$

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