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Every one of us when seeing the amazing Asian sleeve tattoos think how cool they are and sighing enviously, passes on. But what are you waiting for? Maybe today it’s a great time to make this choice and create your own masterpiece? For how long are you going to turn around when noticed a great drawing? In this review, we are going to consider the main types of this type of tattoos and help you make the final decision.

Yes, it is probably the hardest tattoos when speaking about time and efforts but at the same time, they are the most awesome among all other types available nowadays. Large size, a lot of interesting details, and spirit of traditions of our ancestors make the Asian sleeve tattoos simply unique and breathtaking. Let’s consider the main peculiarities of these drawings and review each of their designs separately.

What to note prior making an Asian sleeve tattoo

All of us know that this type of tattoos consists of large and detailed drawings, so prior to making it, you should take into account some important moments. Because the image will cover the comparably large part of your body, you should think not only about the design of the tattoo itself but about your body also. You may choose a great design and be disappointed in the end when seeing how it looks on your arm. So, the first thing to notice is the shape of your body. Try to imagine how the chosen drawing will look in your particular case.

In addition to this, you need to think about movement. Take into account that the drawing may change when you move and these changing may sometimes look quite strange. Try to imagine how it will look when you bend your arm.

Also, you should notice how the chosen drawing will look from all angles. Because of the comparably large size of the tattoo, it may be not so easy as with the smaller options.

Think about transitions

The Asian sleeve is a large tattoo and it is extremely important for all the elements to work together and make one logically completed drawing without the gaps. In the majority of cases, to get the best result, tattoo artists use transitions. Thus, they fill the gaps and create the aesthetically and thematically finished tattoo.

Often tattoo masters use such elements as fire, wind or waves to fill the gaps and to unite all the details into one image. These transitions look more interesting than the filler and add the Asian spirit to the whole drawing. Just take a look at the example below where the water elements are used as a transition. It complements the image and makes it finished.

about transitions

Which type to choose?

Besides the design, you should also decide about the type of your Asian sleeve. There are three main types for today and they all differ by the complexity, price tag, and, of course, their look. Let’s start from the most common type.

Type 1: Full Sleeve

Almost all of us when thinking about the sleeve tattoo imagine full sleeve type. Such tattoo goes from your shoulder to the wrist and is considered to be the most complicated and pricey option. However, it looks best and for now, it is the most popular choice among people who have decided to make an Asian sleeve tattoo.

Full Sleeve

Type 2: ¾ Sleeve

The second type is the ¾ Asian sleeve tattoo which is similar to the full sleeve option but goes to the forearm instead of the wrist. This is the ideal choice for those of you who have to hide the drawing at work. In such case, any long-sleeve shirt will save you and turn into the exemplary employee. As well as the previous type, this one can be also continued to the chest like at the example presented below.

asian sleeve tattoo

Type 3: ½ Sleeve

As you can guess from the name, half sleeve tattoos cover only half of your arm. You can choose a drawing that goes from the shoulder to the elbow or from the elbow to the wrist. It absolutely up to your tastes and preferences. These tattoos are not so difficult to create as the previously mentioned options so it will cost you much less in comparison with other types. Also, it is an excellent choice if you have to hide the tattoo at work. With this type, it will be much simpler.

half sleeve tattoos

How long does it take?

The second question after “how much” is often “how long does it take?” There is no single answer to this question as all the three types presented above take different time for their implementation. And, of course, it depends on the master, complexity of drawing, and your endurance. For example, a full sleeve tattoo may take from ten to forty-five hours and it’s almost impossible to evaluate the exact time at the very beginning of the procedure. The duration of tattooing depends on:

  • The artist’s skills and experience;
  • The condition of your skin;
  • The size of the tattoo;
  • The color of the tattoo (whether it is black or color);
  • The complexity of the drawing;
  • Your pain tolerance.

You should note that the faster doesn’t always mean the better, so in most cases, it is better to wait more than to get the terrible result in some hours.