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Why it’s important to choose the right artist

Really good tattoo artists near meA tattoo is something very personal. It is a piece of body jewellery that will accompany you throughout your life. That’s why the design should be well considered. The choice of a good tattoo artist is also very important. Furthermore, you are going to spend a several hours, depending on the size of the chosen sketch. Someone who brings lifelong body art into your skin.

Selection Criteria

The most important thing you can do before getting tattooed is to take the time to find the best tattoo artist, that must meet some requirements:

  • Hygiene level
  • Experience
  • Sympathy
  • Your gut feeling

As for the cleanliness and hygiene in the parlour is a very important point that should definitely influence your decision. After all, it’s about your health:

  • Only in an absolutely clean and hygienic studio, you can safely get a tattoo
  • If you doubt the hygiene level of the tattooer, then look further
  • Unhygienic tools and dirty studio can cause inflammation and dangerous infections

Don’t be afraid to ask about the hygiene standards in the parlour. This question is justified and every professional tattooist will gladly answer you in detail. Come to our studio, and we’ll show you what a truly clean and sterile environment is.

The experience of the tattooer

Good portrait tattoo artists near meThe experience of the tattooer is also an important point. If you want a very small picture, you need other skills than for example a full-back design. Also, the place to be tattooed is not always the same regarding the requirements of the master. Therefore, talk to the tattooer about his experience. Ask him all the questions that are important to him. If he is a professional, he will answer all your questions patiently. Likewise an expert he will advise you extensively on the tattooing process, the risks, the aftercare as well as the cost. If he does not, you should be skeptical. We have the best black&gray and colour masters, and the best portrait tattoo artists in Toronto, whose experience and skills we have no doubt.

Trust your gut feeling

Also important in deciding for your tattooist is the sympathy. The artist can still be so experienced and still have such a good reputation, if he is simply not sympathetic to you, you should rethink your decision for him again. Because you must not forget one thing: some ideas require several sessions and a lot of time. So you spend many hours with the tattooer. If he does not like you, you will feel uncomfortable. These are all not good conditions for a relaxed session, which should be a wonderful memory.

Even if the parlour is clean and hygienic and appears perfect to you, the master is sympathetic to you, but you still have doubts? Then do not rush. Your gut feeling is a good indication of whether a tattooist is right for you. Listen and trust yourself.

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