As well as the choice of the pattern, the choice of place on the body to get a tattoo is very personal. These choices are related. Dotted tattoos along the arm, for example, will have nothing to do with dotted tattoos around the neck. Also, there are tattoos that you make for yourself (a place in your body that you do not show to the general public) and others that you like to show (like a large marine tattoo on the upper arm).

Tattoo locations on bodyHow to choose a good tattoo place on the body?

First of all, you need to answer some questions:

  • Do you want to see the tattoo when you are naked or when you are dressed?
  • Do you want to see it all the time (infinite love on the wrist for example) or see it at times (a salamander on the ankle)?
  • Do you want it to be seen by someone in particular?

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What is the symbolism of each part of the body?

The placement of the tattooed image speaks volumes about the personality of an individual:

  • Back – It’s technically the ideal part for a tattoo. It has the most expansive surface, the flattest and in general, the smoothest. This area can stay private or be shown in public, depending on what the tattooed image means to you as a person.
  • Lower back (also known as a tramp stamp) – It’s great for women looking to become sexier. Very feminine, very sexy, and well suited for a tribal style with airy curves, flowers, vines, flights of butterflies or birds, flowering branches of trees, the lower back allows to play with the symmetry of the body, and can sometimes be used as a base for a larger design going back from the buttocks to the torso, through the hips.Perfect place to get a tattoo on body
  • Neck – The tattoo on the neck has in part the same meaning as on the back (the interest is to pass a message to the follower) and is often hidden by the hair. The effect is then to cultivate the mystery with others. These are often ideograms or symbols that are chosen for this area. But the message can also be abstract or poetic.
  • Breast and chest – The chest symbolizes emotion. The movements of your breath will make your tattoos living. The image in the neckline is visible at times, its visibility is not clear which accentuates your sensuality as well as your sexy and mysterious side. Symbolically, the breast refers to safety and protection. It is also synonymous with giving, refuge, interiority, resources.
  • Hand, wrist, arm – One of the best tattoo places on the body. The arm, forearm and hand are symbols of activity and an extension of the spirit. The symmetry of the arms and forearms suggests balancing, power, success, strength.
  • Feet and ankle – In Buddhism, Indian and Chinese traditions, the feet establish the body ‘s contact with the earth in the earth-sky relationship. Tattooing the feet, ankles, calf or leg is to give a poetic dimension to this reality too down to earth.

Places on the body to get your first tattoo