One of the best ways to look fashionable and trendy is to get a black and grey tattoo. If you also like this style, then visit the «Bini Tatoo» parlour in Toronto. Our tattooists are well-known for the incredible quality of their tattoos in black & gray, and they perfectly master the art of contrast and shading.

Origins and Genres

Most of the first black and grey tattoo artists came from Southern California in the 1970s, where Chicano street culture and prison culture were mutually reinforcing, resulting in a tattooing genre that many people considered trendy and appealing. Visual rendering of this style can be close to a drawing made with graphite. Despite linking to prison gangs, Black’nGray tattoos have evolved from simple street life to some of the top tattoo galleries around the world. There are various sub-genres of this style, and the most popular are:

  • Traditional (Old school)
  • Modern (New School)
  • Tribal
  • Dark/Horror
  • Photorealism
  • Biomechanical
  • Dotwork

In fact, this is a truly modern but timeless style, that has attracted many celebrities in the entertainment industry. The meaning is different from one design to another. Some of the common meanings include rebellion, power, love, prayer, aggressiveness, memories, fear, religious beliefs and destiny among others.


Why it is better to get a black and grey tattoo than a colour? Here are the main reasons:

  • It fades significantly less over time
  • Stays fresh-looking for longer
  • Is more versatile
  • Costs less and takes less time
  • Not affected by the sun
  • Fits any clothes

The black ink also shows up on every skin tone. Many people consider the black and grey tattoo style to be more classic and timeless than colour, although of course, that is a matter of personal opinion.

Welcome to «Bini Tattoo»

If you want to meet the best black and grey tattoo artist in Toronto, then come to us from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00am to 8pm. We offer excellent conditions:

  • Experienced professional tattooists
  • Friendly home atmosphere
  • A clean and sterile environment
  • Modern equipment and ink
  • Unique tattoo designs
  • Personal approach
  • Affordable prices

Do you have a precise idea or vague tattoo? «Bini Tattoo» is at your disposal to cover or create the pattern you want, after an interview and several proposals for validation. In the context of hygiene, our parlour uses sterilized disposable equipment for each service. The tattoo needles are sterile and disposable, as well as the gloves worn by the artist. The inks used are high-quality and sterilized in accordance with hygiene standards. All equipment is cleaned before and after each tattoo. Finally, our tattooists apply to create unique drawings. We offer 100% personalized tattoos.