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The finest selection of body jewellery

We offer a large collection of body jewellery made of precious metals. Our selection will suit all tastes and budgets and you’ll be sure to find that charming piece you’ve always wanted.
We invest a lot of time and resources to acquire the best knowledge and experience. This helped us to evolve into the best body jewellery studio in Toronto.

Aftercare and check ups

We will guide you every step of the way to ensure that you’re happy and healthy. We take great effort to educate our customers on the best aftercare practices. While it’s very easy, this is not a common knowledge so we’re here to explain how safe piercing works.
Healing is a very important part of this process and we’re always available to advise on the best course of action for you.

Excellent customer service

We are honoured to have our clients always recommending us to others. Customer care and service are what make us the best body jewellery parlour in town. Whatever you request is, we handle it expertly. Many clients kindly tell us that when it comes to body jewellery, we are second to none. We value this reputation and are super motivated to keep it up.

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Piercings Jewellery

Piercings Jewellery

Piercing: how to choose a piercing jewellery? Nowadays piercing is very popular. Its most common type is ear lobes piercing. However, now it is also popular to decorate not only the ears but also other parts of the body: navel, lips, nose, brow, tongue, nipples, etc. Choosing piercing jewelry, you need to consider that for different parts of the body different types of jewelry fit.

Choosing body piercings jewellery. Where to start? First, the body jewelry should be chosen according to the material from which it was made. Since for piercing, first of all, not the appearance but its safety is more important. The ideal version of the material that is inserted right after the procedure is high-grade gold, titanium or its varieties.

Only after healing of the wound you can you insert gold of the lowest sample, surgical steel with an allowable content of nickel or niobium. Jewelry from all the listed materials should be purchased in specialized body jewellery shops, not in subway kiosks and markets.

Canadian Body Jewellery

Canadian Body Jewellery

What are the kinds of body piercing jewellery?

One of the most popular and simple decorations is a barbell. It is a small round rod with unscrewing balls at the ends. In some types of piercings jewellery, the rods are encrusted with precious or semiprecious stones. In this case, the decorated end of the rod is not unscrewed. It is very fashionable to use the barbell to decorate the tongue.

  • The so-called bends, which in many respects are similar to barbells. Actually, it’s the same decoration, except that the rod is slightly bent. The bends, as well as rings, are often used as intimate decorations.
  • A labret is a small cog, one end of which is wound with a ball or cone. These balls and cones come in different colors. Usually, a labret is used for the lips decoration.
  • A twist is a curved, spiral barbell. At its end, it may have a ball, cone or other decoration. The twist is universal and can be used for a wide variety of places.
  • Navela is the same thing as the bend. As a rule, this pierced jewellery is used for the navel.
  • The so-called horseshoe is a bar that is curved in the shape of a horseshoe. At its ends may be stones, cones, balls, etc. Horseshoe is usually used for the septum of the nose decoration. Why is the horseshoe convenient as the jewelry for piercing? If you are, for example, at work, where it is not welcomed by employees, the horseshoe can be turned in the way to hide it inside the nose.

Experts by no means recommend using the pierced jewelry from various metal alloys that contain nickel and cobalt. In this case, you risk getting the consequences in the form of inflammation of the wound and its suppuration. Also, it is not recommended to wear a silver jewelry as the primary decoration but when the puncture heals, you can put it on. For safety and sterility, the most popular materials are precious metals – silver and gold of various colors. Today, gold jewelry for piercing look especially beautiful on girls because the jewelers encrust these decorations with colored stones. One large insert or a scattering of stones – choose your unique decoration among Canadian body jewellery.

Piercing today Piercing today is part of modern fashion which has become popular in the world of celebrities and glamor. Standard jewelry is no longer limited: such type of body decoration has become akin to art. The brilliance of diamonds, polished titanium or gold, exquisite shapes, bright colors or, maybe, on the contrary, tender and pastel shades, what will you choose? The variety of options to date is extremely wide. Choose your ideal piercing jewelry and remember that nowadays It’s fashionable not just to have a puncture but to wear a beautiful decoration in it.