Bini Tatoo parlour offers a large collection of body piercing rings in a variety of tastes and styles, and a full range of professional services in a clean, safe and family-friendly atmosphere. We are committed and assure you the perfect mastery of our piercers, an optimal quality of jewellery and its tailor-made adaptation, the conditions of hygiene and a concrete follow-up as well as an appointment control 2 to 3 weeks after the of the jewellery.

Types and Styles

The body piercing ring is one of the most popular jewellery types, whether as a simple earring or as piercing for arcade, lip, tragus or other. Its simple shape does not prevent it from offering an original look, as you can see with a collection of cheap jewels. It may or may not have an original clasp, a pendant, or from a simple ball, the rings are declined in many colours. There are several different designs of this type of jewellery that you can wear, but some are more popular than others:

  • Loops and hoops – the most popular and simplest jewellery
  • Ball Closure Ring – consist of a ring that closes with a captive ball
  • Ear spiral – a thick spiral that is usually worn through the ear lobe
  • Circular barbell –it is mechanically identical to a straight barbell, except for being curved
  • D-Ring – has a semicircular D-shape

Body piercing rings can be made of different materials (steel, silver, gold, titanium, plastic, Bioflex, Teflon, etc.) and have different sizes. When referring to size, there are two measurements: width (diameter) and thickness (gauge). When talking about the jewellery gauge, the smaller the numbers, the thicker the jewellery.

How to change body piercing jewellery

Have you properly maintained your jewels and want to put a body piercing ring? To be sure of the quality buy it rather in a reliable parlour. Only a professional piercer will provide you with:

  • A new and disinfected jewel
  • A suitable size
  • An hypoallergenic material
  • A free putting in

To avoid transmitting bacteria, fungi or viruses, you should never put jewel without having disinfected beforehand, buy used jewelry from the internet, test a jewel at unreliable shops, exchange jewels with friends. Avoid over-cleaning, because it can be damaging and slows the healing process by irritating. If you have any doubt about the good health of your piercing, do not take advice from non-professionals, just visit Bini Tattoo parlour in Toronto.

«Bini Tattoo» – Our Advantages

We provide a wide selection of high-quality body piercing rings at affordable prices. The procedures are carried out in respect of the rules of hygiene and healthiness:

  • Cleanliness of premises (disinfection of surfaces used between each client)
  • Hand hygiene and asepsis of the skin
  • Disposable sterile gloves and needle
  • Absolutely new unused jewels in sterile sachets
  • Sterilization of reusable instruments (decontamination procedure and thorough cleaning before sterilization)