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How much do we know about the blackwork tattoos? Actually not as much as they deserve. We all know that this is classic tattoos and they are widely used in different designs nowadays. The most common information about this type of tattooing is that it is made with only black ink. It is used both for shading and drawing and creates a classic tattoo that catches the eye in any style.

The story of the blackwork drawings on a human body has begun centuries ago among Polynesian tribes that inspired next generations on creation the unique ink patterns on bodies and made tattoos an integral part of our modern lifestyle.

In this article, we are going to consider the most popular designs of the blackwork tattoos in Toronto and worldwide. Among them are:

  • Cover-up design;
  • Negative space design;
  • Blackout design;
  • Geometric design;
  • Tribal design.

 All these drawings are unique, so we are going to review each of them separately with the main features that stand them out from the crowd of other similar designs. Meet our 5 choices to create an unforgettable style!

Choice #1: Cover-Up Design

We all make mistakes. If one of them is the terribly made tattoo or just an old one you don’t like anymore, the cover-up tattoo is your chance to correct everything. Due to the solid ink, you will be able to get the absolutely new design covering your old tattoo without any trace.

Most often, to get the best result, you will have to get one or two sessions of laser tattoo removal in order to completely get rid of an old drawing. Otherwise, your new tattoo will look like just one that covers the previous pattern.

Choice #2: Negative Space Design


The popularity of negative space design has noticeably grown over the past years. Nowadays these tattoos capture the attention due to their uniqueness and style. The main distinctive feature of these drawings is that they are the reverse of the standard tattoos. Instead of an ink subject and bare background, in this design bare skin subject in combination with the blackout background is used. These drawing may have either grey or black background as well as consist of lines or various sections instead of the solid filling.

Choice #3: Blackout Design

toronto tattoo studio

Now it’s a turn of the blackout tattoos that can be any size and style. The main feature of this design is that the drawing consists of the comparably large area of solid ink in combination with fine lines or small images. The size of such tattoos can be as large as you want and this is a great advantage. Many people choose sleeves, half sleeves or just several solid bands of ink that are wrapped around the arm. Whichever example you choose, anyway it will look great and you can be sure that your tattoo will be noticed and greatly appreciated.

Choice #4: Geometric Design

Geometric Design

The geometric design is popular because of its diversity. Because of the wide choice of various circles, squares, triangles, and lines, you can create the outstanding unique design which will look great because of its minimalism. You can create your own design or discuss it with the tattoo artist by telling him about your preferences. The thing is that whichever geometric drawing you choose, being done well, it will look just great. Also, you can choose mandala tattoos which popularity has significantly risen over the past years. Only you, your imagination, and geometric shapes. In combination with the qualified master, this mix will turn into the stunning result.

Choice #5: Tribal Design

Tribal Design

Of course, how can we skip tribal tattoos? Some of you may say that they are not popular anymore to date but we think that there is no “expiration date” for them at all. This is the good old classic which became even more stylish over the years. Specialists claim that the first tribal tattoos were found more than two thousand years ago. Impressive, yes? Nowadays these drawings are often made as the sleeve or half sleeve tattoos.

Most likely you will not make drawings that describe each period of your life as the Polynesian tribes did but still you have a wide variety of modern designs to create a unique look reminding of the past of our ancestors.

Blackwork Tattoos in Toronto

No one of us wants to regret the decision of making a tattoo after getting the terribly made result. To avoid such a sad scenario, we recommend you to use only professional services and choose the experienced tattoo masters. Making a tattoo in the downtown of Toronto will provide you with the expected result and make you proud of the tattoo instead of searching for a salon to make a cover-up drawing to hide this nightmare. Create your own style with our specialists and get a tattoo which really worth you.