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Simple shapes and their meanings

Sketch of geometric tattooThe Geometrical Tattoos are stylish, minimalist and elegant. If you are wondering what geometric tattoo to get and want to know more about their meanings, you’ve come across the right place! Triangle, circle, square – what is the symbolism of all these figures?

  • Circle – The number, which has neither beginning nor end, and each point is in equilibrium another. In essence, this is a direct reference to infinity. The clock face, where the arrow goes their way, each time to return to the starting point, and the zodiac cycle. The sun, the symbol of divine power. As an obligatory element, the circle is included in the image of the mandala – the wheel of the world. Using the circle in the tattoo – it is an application of perfection. Or at least desire.
  • Triangle – It has several meanings and represents: the natural elements, the Holy Trinity, Balance and Perfection, the Cycle of Life. The Triangle family pointed up = masculinity, paternity, virility and power Triangle pointing down = femininity and maternity. Finally, the luminous triangle encompassing one eye – the Eye of Providence or the omniscient eye – is used in various religions and philosophical societies such as the Illuminati.
  • Square – It is composed of straight lines and represents the perfection and the opposition of the opposites. The square shape symbolizes community, integrity, direction, and being practical and elemental. The edges of a square can symbolize different things: cardinal points, seasons of the year, cosmic elements, natural elements.

On the one hand, these forms are associated with perfection. They are ideal. On the other hand, starting with a small geometric tattoo is always a good idea. Especially if it’s the first permanent tattoo in your life! Surely, you will not regret it because a small triangle or circle is discreet and graceful.

Geometric tattoo meaningInteresting and personalized Geometric Tattoos

It is possible to combine several geometric shapes and elements to create a personalized tattoo. A circle surrounded by a square, a triangle with a drawing… The possibilities are numerous. One of the most popular tattooed patterns: origami, or the desire to transform the world into geometric patterns. The most interesting thing about geometric tattooing is the use of lines and angles to reproduce different objects, for example:

  • Animals
  • Birds
  • Flowers
  • Feathers
  • Hearts

As for its location, the geometric tattoo slips easily everywhere. From the discreet tattoo inside the wrist to the big tattoo on the back, through the thigh, ankle, neck or shoulder, it’s up to you to see if you want this piece of art that you wear for life to be visible or not.

Geometric animal tattoos