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Bet you have already seen this tattoo boom on Instagram and thought “oh gosh, it’s just cool!” The latest trends in the tattoo world include helix tattoos that not only look great but also have some other advantages. Let’s consider what the helix tattoo is and why you should stop your choice at this type.

First of all, these tattoos are aesthetic and decorative. Also, there is a wide choice of various options to choose from because of the small size and simplicity of their making. Of course, you don’t have a lot of space for the tattoo which decorates the outer edge of the ear but you can easily hide it when necessary and this is a great advantage. So, what are the main styles of so popular today helix tattoos? Let’s consider them all.

Helix tattoos. Which one to choose?

There are several styles of helix tattoos but actually, whichever of them you choose, it will still look great and unique because of the unusual location at the outer curve of the ear. So, you can choose among:

  • Floral options;
  • Stick & Poke options;
  • Fine lines;
  • Minimalist options;
  • Tiny options.

Choice #1: Floral Options

Floral helix tattoos are the most popular to date. Being located at such a tender place, the long stems of flowers can beautifully emphasize the curve of your ear and go well with all types of jewelry. You may also choose notes and music themes but if you are aimed at the tenderness and refinement, you will hardly find the better option than the floral helix tattoos.

Floral Options

Choice #2: Stick & Poke Options

If you prefer the stylish tattoos reminding a sketchpad or a DIY drawing instead of the professionally made tattoo, your choice is stick and poke technique. It is more consistent and is considered to be safer. For the case of small tattoos, the simple lines and minimalistic drawings look best and create the desired stylish and unique look. You can also choose the dotwork technique of tattoo to get the interesting and unique result.

Choice #3: Fine Lines

For the small helix tattoos, fine lines look better than any other type. It doesn’t matter whether your tattoo is complex or minimalistic, in any case, fine lines are desired. The most important moment here is to choose the skilled tattoo artist who has a steady hand and will not make any error. Fine lines allow getting the detailed drawing in a very small area. So, if you want your helix tattoo to be detailed well, choose the master with the steady hand and fine technique.

Fine Lines

Choice #4: Minimalist Options

Minimalism is a good choice in any area of our life. Whether it is the design of the room in your house or choosing a new tattoo, the minimalistic result will always look great and stylish.

Simple from the first view minimalistic drawings, in fact, require more time and high proficiency of the tattoo artist. To achieve the desired result, you should clearly understand the general image and explain it to the master. The unique design of this type of helix tattoos has made them quite popular to date. Base components of an image make it interesting in its simplicity.

Choice #5: Tiny Options

Because of the limited space available for helix tattoos, they are almost always tiny tattoos. The exception is if this ear tattoo is a continuation of a tattoo along the neck or behind the ear. Even then, the artist works on the area as they would a tiny tattoo.

Tiny Options

The tiny size of the helix tattoos is caused by the limited space. However, some artists offer larger tattoos that go behind the ear or along the neck. But even for these drawings, it is desirable to make them maximally tiny and tender. Professional tattoo artists claim that the tiny drawings have become so popular because of technologies improving. Several years ago it was simply impossible to make a small but detailed drawing in the limited space. Nowadays due to the rapidly developing technologies we can make such small tattoos as helix ones and be absolutely sure that the artist will make his work ideally and reach the desired detailed result.

Decorative Tattoos

Nowadays tattoos have become not only elements of style but also a compliment or replacement of jewelry. These options are not so popular as usual drawings but in other countries, such options as necklace and earrings tattoos are already in the peak of popularity. This year during the fashion week in Paris, models were “wearing” tattoos- necklaces. Of course, they were temporary but this started the real boom in the tattoo world and marked the beginning of the new fashion trend.

Besides the jewelry tattoos, the cosmetic ones are also quite popular nowadays. A lot of people decide to make permanent makeup to simplify their life and to correct the appearance with microblading, enhancing lips with tattoos or permanent eyelining.

Is it too painful?

We all know that tattoos in different parts of the body are more or less painful. What about the helix tattoos in such tender place as the outer edge of the ear? Professional artists claim that the process of making a helix drawing is not very painful especially if compared with such places as the inside of the elbow, on the fingers or forehead. So, the level of “painfulness” is close to moderate. However, it also depends on your own pain tolerance. For some, it may seem absolutely painless while for others it will bring extremely unpleasant feelings.

When decided to be in trend and to make a helix tattoo, it is extremely important to choose the experienced professional who will perform it on the highest level. Having visited our tattoo parlor in Toronto, you will get the desired result at the reasonable price and with the professional artist. Stay in trend and express yourself with our top-notch tattoos.