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Pick your favourite Belly Ring Style

Popularized during the 90s, the high-quality navel jewelry is a must-have fashion accessory today. The belly button is also the most pierced part of the body, just after the ears. There are different types of belly button piercings and these vary in particular by their:

  • Bar: banana bars, dangling and non-dangling rings, reverse rings, spiral bars, captive bead ring
  • Material: surgical steel, titanium, sterling silver, gold, plastic, BioFlex, Teflon
  • Adaptation: for pregnant women, for allergy sufferers
  • Decoration: from Swarovski crystals to diamonds

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Here are the procedures for the progress of a piercing

  • Skin cleansing
  • Disinfection
  • Marking with sterile markers
  • Passage of the needle
  • Setting up of the jewel
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Laying of a bandage if necessary
  • Giving aftercare instruction

Belly button piercing that uses high-quality navel jewelry is usually quick to heal, but you need to care for it properly too.


The healing of the belly button lasts 4 to 6 months. Frequency of care: 2 times per day for 15 days, then 1 time per day:

  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water and dry with a clean towel
  • Gently clean the piercing with mild antibacterial soap by removing any residue (lymphatic concretions) with a compress or cotton swab, then rinse with warm water and dry
  • Apply a little saline by gently moving the jewel (fold the navel with the other hand if you have a banana), then dry
  • Apply a little antiseptic solution on the piercing and let it dry (only the first 15 days)

These treatments are of course to be performed above the closed washbasin. Do not use products that do not have the same composition as recommended. Do not do more or fewer cleanings than recommended, you delay healing. Indeed, too many cleanings prevent proper healing. We strongly recommend to keep your belly button clean, be gentle when removing “crusties” and avoid oils, balms, and creams. In case of the beginning of infection, take 2 daily care with an antiseptic solution, if the problem persists more than 2 days or worsen, contact your piercer without delay. After healing, it is best to clean jewellery at least once a month and take a shower without jewellery. Do you have questions? Contact us for getting answers and making a perfect navel piercing in Toronto.