Looking for a new nose piercing jewelry in Toronto? You’ve come to the right place! Bini Tattoo’s selection of jewellery is exactly what you’re looking for. Whether for women or men, we have the jewel you need now. Whether you are looking for a nose piercing gold, silver, with or without rhinestones or a thin ring, you have already made the right choice by visiting our parlour.

Types of jewelry for nose piercing

Nose piercings have become far more widely accepted these days. It’s very important to choose jewellery that suits your body and lifestyle, as well. There are several ring styles for this kind of piercing:

  • Captive Bead Ring (CBR) – is a hoop-shaped design that features a single, unattached bead that is held in place by tension from both sides of the ring. The bead can be removed and inserted by releasing the tension on the bead
  • Bone/Stud – a simple straight bar that carries the ornament at its upper end (a rhinestone for example) and has a very small ball at its other end. This tiny ball allows having effective maintenance in the nostril even if it is necessary to admit that this kind of jewels is lost quite often, that it is under the shower or during the sleep
  • Nostril Screw – certainly the most common jewelry. It is a piercing with a bar that returns in its middle at 90 ° to form a semicircle, a bit like a fish hook. It is the ideal in-between for those who often change jewelry and who also lose it often
  • Horseshoe – named for their distinctive shape, this nose piercing jewelry is similar to the CBR. The curved barbell forms a half-moon shape with a small space in the centre and a bead at each end
  • L-shaped pin – has an L shape, it is a simple straight bar that forms a right angle at its lower end, the part that enters the nose. The other side is decorated with a motif, a rhinestone or any other decoration. These jewels are similar to the “nostril screw” but are a little easier to insert for relatively comparable maintenance, so everyone will prefer one or the other according to their own tastes and desires
  • Hoop – it is a not closed ring that is which fits directly in the nose, one side of the curved bar that forms the ring has the ornament and the other side is in the hole in order to be able to wear the jewel with ease. At least unusual and very original, the fact that the ring is not closed can give a particular effect
  • Fishtail / Straight Pin – it is a thin and straight bar, relatively long, but does not have a small ball at its lower end. The main advantage is that it will not spoil the hole of the piercing when it will be in the nostril since the bar is the same thickness all along, so it is ideal for people who like to change often piercing

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