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  • Tattoo starting from $70
  • Piercing starting from $25, including first jewellery!
  • Tuesday Specials: Any Piercing for a Special Price of $25!



We specialize in creating a huge variety of tattoos:
Asian style, realistic, colour, old school, traditional, neo traditional, line work, dot work, portrait tattoo and more.

We can also perform any custom design of your choice. We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas and our artists love creative challenges. All procedures are carried out in a clean and neat working environment, with all equipment pre-sterilized.

From a delicate little tattoo to a large-scale project, our artists are trained to deliver. Over the years, they acquired a wealth of expertise that powers their creative thinking. And we can fix bad tattoos as well!



At Bini Tattoo parlour, we provide all sorts of piercing services except microdermal. Even if you’re not sure what you want, we can advise on what would work just for you. Our piercer worked with a multitude of clients over the years and is skilled to perform this procedure quickly and efficiently.

We’re also here to advise you on the best healing practices and aftercare. You’re close to getting the piercing you’ve always wanted! Call us!

Permanent makeup


Tired of spending hours applying makeup every day? Lack freedom and flexibility in your life? Feel that your daily routine and health is undermined by an unproportionate amount of time in front of the mirror?
We help you feel beautiful and confident at all times. Permanent makeup has a long-lasting effect and we know full well how to make it natural-looking. From lash enhancement and lip tinting to colour refresh and eyeliner, there many techniques to help you enhance your natural beauty.
Save time on makeup application and enjoy your look every day with permanent makeup!

Body jewellery


If you’re looking for professional body jewellery services, we’re the best tattoo studio to get in touch with. Bini Tattoo offers you a diverse selection of body jewellery made from precious metals. From delicate items to more dramatic pieces, you will be amazed at what we can offer.
We carry out immaculate procedures to install body jewellery for you. Our parlour is comfortable and the atmosphere is soothing so you can fully relax.
Contact us today to book a consultation and get one step closer to the beautiful body artwork you’ve been dying to get!

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