The eyebrows give personality to your face: they structure the features and intensify the look. But makeup each morning can become binding. For those who want dense brows and well-drawn on awakening, why not opt for permanent makeup? You can get the best and high-quality permanent eyebrows makeup in «Bini Tattoo» parlour in Toronto. We offer an effective, long-lasting solution for all who want to improve the appearance of their brows.

Permanent eyebrows makeup near meTattoed Brows: For Whom?

The eyebrows may be too thin, too sparse or asymmetrical. Sometimes it’s their nature, but it can also follow medical treatments, such as chemotherapy. It can also be the result of intense and regular hair removal. In the end, the brows can be not highlighted, and the whole face suffers. Eyebrow tattoo makeup is ideal for those:

  • Who have fine brows and would like them more
  • Who have brows with sparse areas
  • Who wish to have a better-defined line
  • Who wants to change a tired facial expression for a more youthful and fresh look
  • Who have trouble applying cosmetics

This makeup gives brows the ideal form, accurate outlines, fills them with rich colours and gives a flawless line for years, without having to redraw it every morning. Unlike traditional makeup, the permanent is waterproof. It is, therefore, possible to swim without worrying about the result.

Eyebrow and eyeliner tattooCosmetic Tattooing Methods

There are three main techniques for permanent makeup of the eyebrows:

  • Microblading – “Hair by hair” make-up for a very soft rendering. This manual technique uses a curved blade pen that scratches the skin to penetrate the pigment. It corresponds to people who want a discreet brow line and a rather soft. It offers a realistic and airy effect. The skin appears between each drawn hair. It gives the impression of a naturally irregular outline. This is also performed on people whose brows are sparse
  • Shading – It’s an electrical process. The dermograph injects the pigment into the skin via a needle. It performs the same fastback and forth motion as a sewing machine. Its realization gives a more drawn result. The darker it is, the more it will look like make-up. The gradient is ideal for clients who want to find more density, sharpness and definition at the level of the curve of their brows
  • Mixed – The most natural rendering is achieved by combining both Microblading and that by Shading. The Microblading brings realism and accuracy. The Shading refines the work by causing an additional terrain. It is the most flexible method for making custom make-up. The mixed technique is very suitable for victims of alopecia. It offers a natural-looking permanent eyebrows makeup.

Permanent eyebrow liner«Bini Tattoo» – Our Advantages

If you’re looking for the best permanent eyebrows tattooing place in Toronto, then visit our parlour. Our Advantages are as follows:

  • Skilled and creative professional artists
  • A friendly and soothing atmosphere
  • A clean and sterile environment
  • The exploitation of technological advances
  • Specifically designed equipment
  • Adorable prices


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