Do you want to avoid constantly having to repaint your lips or improve your lipstick? Then Permanent Lipstick Tattoo is what you need! At the «Bini Tattoo» parlour in Toronto, you can enhance your lip colour or contour (liplines). A tattooed lipline can make your lips look bigger. If you have problems with scars – a lipstick tattoo can be the solution.

Methods and techniques

High-quality permanent lipstick tattooThere are many different techniques and methods used to apply lip tattoos, which we list below:

  • Tattooing of the contour – the most proven and simplest method of strengthening the amorphous arch and the contour which gradually disappears with age
  • The watercolour full lips Permanent Makeup – filling the lips with pigment, which can deepen the lip colour to get a lipstick effect and also hide scars and discoloration
  • 3D-technique – a method of tattooing using a myriad of natural colours to create natural lips with a raised look, giving an impression of more beautiful and fuller lips
  • Natural tattooing – a method for lips that have an ideal shape and where the customer only wants to improve pigment without adjusting the contour.

The so-called indelible cosmetics help save precious time, money and at the same time produce a stable and long-lasting result that lasts for several years and that you do not always need lipstick or gloss to get the needed colour. Permanent lip make-up is an excellent alternative to plastic surgery or injections if you do not want to be operated or injected. It allows you to correct symmetry, masks scars or other discoloration. With full lip Color Permanent Makeup, you can choose to visually enlarge the lips or make them thinner and increase the colour.

Permanent lipstick tattoo servicesHow is a procedure going?

First of all, our tattooist listens to the wishes of the client according to the desired shape and choice of colour. After the consultation, he sketches a prototype on the client’s lips and fills them to some extent with the chosen colour. After this, the master applies a disinfectant and then anesthetizes with an effective anesthetic cream. The treatment is performed with a Permanent make-up machine. At the end of the procedure, the lips are treated with anti-inflammatory agents. Please note that bleeding may occur during the procedure and is completely normal.

The top reasons for getting Permanent Lipstick Makeup in Toronto

  • You get great results every day for several years without having to think about makeup
  • You save time and money. The statistics show that on average you save up to about 20 minutes per day, full 5 days per year
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers. As the make-up industry is in an upturn, more and more allergies are reported to the usual make-up products
  • Micropigmentation can bring out the positive and mask the negative (for example, an oblique lip)
  • It looks natural. With a properly placed lipliner, you can get lip augmentation effect without complicated and expensive interventions

Permanent lipstick tattoo master