Welcome to «Bini Tattoo». One of the top tattoo parlours in Toronto, «Bini Tattoo» provides high-quality, unique tattoo art using the utmost modern sterilization techniques, produced in a comfortable and favourable environment by professionals. Whatever style you require, we have full-time tattooists providing an array of tattoo styles to suit your personal needs. Each of our artists is passionate about their craft, and all have individual styles, extensive experience in tattooing, performing permanent makeup and piercing.

Tattoos for everyone

Professional tattoo parlorsThe team of «Bini Tattoo» parlour tattooists is extremely talented and can work in every realm possible. This includes:

  • Realism – image features a three-dimensional design for looking alive on the skin
  • DotWork – dot work tattoos are images composed entirely of single dots
  • Old School – American Traditional style: nautical symbols, hearts, daggers, eagles, pin-up girls, ships, and anchors
  • New School – this style is cartoonish and wacky, featuring caricatures and other exaggerated figures
  • Celtic – based on designs used by a group of ancient tribal societies from Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland during the Iron Ages
  • Trash Polka – combines realistic images with smears, smudges, and kinetic designs, like in fine-art collages
  • BlackWork – combines elements from different styles including dot work, abstract, geometric, line, negative space and beyond
  • Biomechanical – gears, wires, metal pieces, and much more all connected below the skin’s surfaceTattoo parlors in my area
  • Polynesian – a spiritual art form practiced on islands like New Zealand, Hawaii and Samoa
  • Minimalism – plain, simple and delicate tattoos with crisp black lines and sparse colour palette
  • Watercolour – come in splashes of colour, reproductions of actual paintings of the past, images of flowers and animals, etc
  • Chicano – combines scenes from gang life, slick lowriders, dollar signs, women, religious theme, Bible quotations and Mexican iconography
  • Japanese – koi fish, samurai, dragons, kirin, Baku, tigers, snakes, and so on

And many other styles. If you’re looking for a good tattoo parlors, then come to our studio. We can bring your better ideas to life, no matter how complex.

Best tattoo parlorsWelcome to the best tattoo parlour in Toronto:

  • Only professional masters of tattooing
  • High-quality equipment, preparations, and materials are used
  • A great selection of designs of every type to choose from
  • All the safety rules and sanitary conditions are rigidly observed
  • Very friendly and comfortable atmosphere

If your question is: «What are the most reputable tattoo parlors near me in Toronto?», then you should come to us. We have clients from all walks of life who travel for miles to get tattooed by us. For a free consultation about our services and prices, please contact us at (647)688-58-00. With «Bini Tattoo», you’re guaranteed an original tattoo that at will keep you happy for the rest of your life.