Be the talk of the town with Bini Tattoo’s selection of high-quality septum jewelry. We offer piercings of all styles and designs, made of different materials: steel, titanium, silver, gold, BioFlex, etc. Are you looking for the nose jewellery that just clicks with any outfit? Bini Tatoo has got rings and clickers you will love.

What is a Septum Piercing

Piercings are a great way to personalize your look without spending a fortune. Those who did not know, septum piercing existed centuries ago, and nowadays it has had many a moment on celebrities like Rihanna, Jessica Biel and Lady Gaga. That’s why many people prefer to visit septum jewelry shops. It is a piercing that goes through the cartilage wall in between the left and right nostrils. Getting drilled hurts, but it’s very fast. Know that you may escape a few tears, however, since the lacrimal sac is near the nostrils. This piercing takes about 1 month to heal. It may seem long, but know that it is not the longest piercing to heal, if it can reassure you.

Types of Jewellery

There are different kinds of high-quality septum jewelry. While each nose ring works the same way, the differences between them are in style and closure. Here at Bini Tattoo you will find the following types of jewellery for your nose:

  • Clicker Rings – a wonderful creation that features a straight or curved barbell ring that is attached to a decorative or subtle ring by a hinge and ‘clicks’ shut. Safe and easy to change, comfortable to wear and no pieces to lose, these body jewellery designs will save you time instead of having to remove small studs or beads to put on the jewellery
  • Seamless Rings – these rings are circular and are often featured in simple hoop styles, they are great for everyday or casual wear. This nose jewellery requires you to twist the ring until it fits through your piercing, then twisting it back into place
  • Captive Bead Rings – also known as ball closure rings, captive hoops, or captive ball rings. Their feature is the presence of the captive bead or ball, that fits into a small opening in the circle of the ring
  • Horseshoe Rings – horseshoe circular barbells with an omega shape and a threaded ball at the end are the perfect alternatives for universal body jewelry fashion

The most common material for quality septum jewelry is stainless and surgical steel, that is body-safe, but not suitable for people with hypersensitivity to these metals. If you need something a bit fancier than steel, then look for titanium, sterling silver or gold models. We also have plastic and BioFlex retainers, which are completely safe and hypoallergenic.

How to get your nose pierced

If you’re looking for a septum jewelry shop in Toronto than look no further – come visit Bini Tattoo parlour. As a premium piercing studio, we believe that part of providing safe and informed piercing procedures is offering the highest quality and most trusted jewellery. We offer:

  • A safe and clean environment
  • Informative and friendly piercers
  • Sterile grade jewellery
  • Respect and communication concerning piercing choices
  • Before and aftercare products