Bini Tattoo and Piercing


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Toronto tattoo - Bini Tattoo


Professional Tattoo Studio. We specialize in any style.

Toronto piercing - Bini Tattoo


Certified piercers. Starter jewelry included.

Tooth Gem

Certified technicians. Swarovski crystals.

Toronto tattoo removal - Bini Tattoo


CE and FDA approved PicoLaser Tattoo Removal Machine.



For tattoos you must be 18 and over, for piercings 16 and over. If you are under the age, we have parental consent which must be signed in person by parent.

Bini Tattoo is professional and certified tattoo and piercing parlour.
We are the best tattoo shop in Toronto. We provide high-grade service to our customers. Here you can bring to life all your body art willings.Our talented artists full of creativity will prepare for you a personalized drawing.

You can be sure that all the disposable equipment we use is sealed and presterilized and thrown away after each use. After getting your tattoo, we will explain aftercare instruction to take care of your tattoo and prevent infection and bacteria.
The pleasurable atmosphere and courteous staff are going to meet your expectations so that you enjoy both the process and the result. The team of talented professionals will do its best to make your dream come true.

In our shop all artists are customed to working in all styles to help best suit your needs, such as tribal tattoos, watercolor tattoos, fine line tattoos, minimalist tattoos, geometric tattoos, realism tattoos, Asian style tattoos, traditional (old school) tattoos, neotraditional tattoos, anime tattoos, floral tattoos, etc.




For all piercing services no appointment needed. Walk-ins only.


Nostril – $50
Eyebrow – $60
Monroe/Madonna – $60
Ashley Piercing – $60
labret/Side Labret – $60
Medusa – $60
Septum – $80


Lobe – $25
Cartilage/Helix – $50
Conch – $50
Rook – $70
Tragus – $70
Daith – $70
Forward Helix – $70
Industrial – $80
Antitragus – $70
Antihelix/Snug – $70


Tongue – $90
Smiley – $90


Navel/Belly Button – $50
Nipple – $50

The best piercing studio and professionally certified piercers. We make sure that hygienic standards are followed thoroughly. Rest assured that our equipment, needles and jewelry are all presterilized and completely safe to use. We strictly follow the requirements of the Toronto Public Health and have Body Safe Pass to ensure that the piercing experience is completely safe.
A comfy private piercing room and soothing atmosphere will help you relax while the piercing is being done. Our piercers are friendly and knowledgeable and will walk you through the procedure so you know what to expect. The procedure itself is quite quick so arm yourself with positive thoughts and get ready for exciting results.

In store we offer a big selection of jewelry for healed piercings, such as lobes, nose, belly button, helix (cartilage), conch, nipples and most other basic piercings. All our jewelry is surgical stainless steel (medical steel), which is hypoallergenic, high quality, does not change color/tarnish. Piercing assistance Thursday to Sunday, 11am-8pm, this includes jewelry changes/removal ($10 per), check up on healing and piercer’s advice.





Appointment required

Enhance your beautiful smile with unique crystals, Swarovski or 14k gold designs available for your choice. Create a glamorous look with a variety of different colors, that will match your style. Contact to book an appointment!





Tattoo removal services are only available at 2350A Yonge St

Our Laser Tattoo Removal Specialists are here to help you and guide you through the tattoo removal process. Book your appointment and get an unwanted tattoo removed or fade with FDA and CE approved PicoLaser Tattoo Removal machine. Safe, flawless and effective results with fewer treatments. Bini Tattoo and Piercings Parlour provides safe environment by following all Toronto City guidelines to make sure our clients and employees are safe. Feel free to contact us!


2350A Yonge Street Location