Do you see that your tattoo not coming out as you expected? You have two ways out – remove it or cover it with another drawing. If you want to get a high-quality tattoo cover-up in Toronto, then come to us. «Bini Tattoo» is offering up a second chance for people who are regretting their unsuccessful tattoos. We have a great portfolio of successfully “coverings” and “fixes”. Our tattooists are professional artists with a lot of experience in tattooing, they can solve your problem and make it perfect. We will always provide you with the best advice that we can.

When should a tattoo cover-up be used?Tattoo Cover-Up Before And Afters

All certified cover-up tattoo artists in Toronto can help you in these cases:

  • If you were served by the worst tattooist with a poor quality ink
  • If you want to hide unwanted old tattoos with new and better designs
  • If you want to add new details to the old picture
  • If you were tattooed the portrait or name of your former lover
  • If your drawing lost colour and clarity
  • If the contours of the picture are deformed due to loss or weight gain

Wanting to get rid of or disguise a second-rate drawing is not unusual. Cover-ups are a fantastically creative way to breathe new life into an old tattoo.

What colours are suitable for this type of tattooing?

Tattoo Cover-Up Concealers to Hide Your InkIt is not always easy to choose colours when covering. Traditionally, black was the main colour used, however, the skilled cover-up tattoo artists in Toronto are using more colours: red, blue, green, brown, orange, purple, dark magenta, etc. When a tattooist is designing a covering image, he considers the colour in the old drawing and how it will mix with the new ink’s colour. Changing just the colours can be done by using darker inks, and not all colours can be changed into another colour. To effectively hide the old picture, artists can use up to three layers on the darkest parts.

How to get the best tattoo cover-up in Toronto?

For the better result, you must make the right decisions before, after, and during the covering session. You need to:

  • Visit «Bini Tattoo» parlour and choose a tattooist
  • Give your ideas and discuss them that it’s cool or not
  • Decide on the design and size you want, select the colours
  • Trust your tattoo artist

Tattoo Cover Up IdeasRemember that not all of your ideas will work. You have to listen to the tattooist suggestions and be flexible.

Why choose us?

We have the best cover-up tattoo artist in Toronto, and that’s not the only one:

  • Wide range of designs available
  • Skilled & Well-experienced staff
  • Safe procedures – to us, your health and safety are paramount
  • A clean and sterile environment
  • Special Focus on personal hygiene
  • New needles for every client
  • Pre-sterilized disposable equipment
  • High-quality inks of all colours

With a truly friendly, professional, and approachable attitude, we are dedicated to making your experience with us a success!