Tattooing – as well as other arts – can be divided into different styles. Choosing the best tattoo idea is not an easy job, because tattoos are mostly permanent and usually worn for a lifetime, and getting them removed is painful and expensive. What should be considered when picking your style? We can help you with this question.

Classic Styles

Best tattoo designs in TorontoWhat are the most popular classic tattoo designs in Toronto?

  • OLD SCHOOL or AMERICAN TRADITIONAL – is closely linked to the western history of tattooing. Old-school was also very popular among sailors. Thick contours, two-dimensional, colourful interior surfaces and simple motifs. Simplicity does not make the swallows, mermaids, anchors and roses much less attractive – we see it as an ode to the traditional art of tattooing and the scarred petty criminals of the first tattoo generation.
  • NEW SCHOOL or NEO TRADITIONAL – based on the techniques of the oldschool with its broad contours, but with more colour, more motifs and more shades, it is much more blatant – the rebellious little sister of the traditional or something. Everything is possible for newschool style! Main features: bolder and stronger contour lines and pop colours, which are mostly like cartoons.
  • BLACKWORK – almost everything with black ink on skin. Blackwork designs are usually simple, but technically hard to perform, they often based on various tribal motifs.
  • DOTWORK – black (and colourful) ink in spot shape on skin. Dotwork is a less painful way to fill a tattoo with shading but has a bit of a reputation on the internet for falling into the grip of hipsterism. We have that too, and we’re pretty great.

Modern Ideas

A large variety of tattoo ideas in TorontoThere are many good tattoo ideas and styles that have recently come into fashion, for example:

  • REALISTIC – has become very popular lately, thanks to its photo-like effect. The goal of the tattooist is to bring a life-like presentation to the skin. You can not only get portraits of people or animals but also different fantastic beings, the main thing is that it looks realistic.
  • WATERCOLOUR – is close to the painting. Colourful splashes, delicate transitions and distinctive contours characterize this style. As with classical watercolour painting, colour blending in a watercolour tattoo is much more subtle and less pronounced.
  • TRASH POLKA – comes from Germany and even if it sounds very SLEAZE, we do not have to do with it. Trash polka combines geometric aspects, photorealistic illustrations and sets by red colour inserts a colourful contrast to the base in black and gray. We would describe it as a beautiful formalization of creative indecision.
  • GEOMETRIC – geometry means symmetry and perfection, so the geometric designs are characterized by straight lines and perfect shapes. Every little detail plays a big role in the overall design. In addition to dotwork motifs and minimalist designs, sacred geometry is enjoying increasing popularity with shapes and symbols.
  • SKETCHES – sketchy or even Sketch Work designs look spontaneous and unfinished (and that was the artist’s intention).

And that’s not all! Come visit our parlour – we can bring to life all of your tattoo ideas in Toronto!

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