Tattooing prices can vary greatly – depending on various aspects. Only if you understand exactly how much a tattoo costs, you can start to plan it. The final cost is affected by many aspects: the image size, its complexity, position, artist’s abilities and his reputation. Usually, a high-quality tattooing service provided by a professional parlour is more costly than a tattoo done by a cheap tattooist who does his work at home. You must remember once and for all: you get what you pay for. For a professional-quality you may expect a price of at least 70$. The average tattoo prices in Toronto are 70$ to 200$ for the simplest designs, and the cost increases depending on the time work takes to make.

Tattoo shops and prices near meHow much does it cost

Local tattoo prices depend on the several aspects, and can range from 70 and over 1000 dollars. The most important factors are:

  • The abilities of the master – The main aspect in determining the cost. Services of a professional skilled and experienced artist is usually more costly.
  • Complexity – The more details an image has, the more expensive it gets. A complex design that has many complicated details takes more than one session and need a lot of time. For example, watercolour motifs are more difficult than simple blackwork design, cuz they require different colours and skillful technique. Consequently, the time needed for tattooing is a crucial aspect.
  • Colour – Each colour means another step. The more colours there are, the more time it needs, cuz several colours make the motif much complicated. Watercolour motifs can cost up to 500$ for a 10 cm area.
  • Place on the body – The placement is a crucial aspect too. Some masters charge 15% to 30% more for work with a difficult place, like neck, elbows, feet or face. Tattooing your hands or fingers is much easier and cheaper.
  • Tattoo parlor near me pricesUnique Design – The simplest standart design will cost not so much. If the master needs to create a unique design in accordance with the wishes of the customer, the time he/she needs to bring that ideas to life will be included in the price.
  • Size – The smaller the image, the cheaper it gets. The bigger the image, the more time the artist spends, and time is money! A small symbol on the wrist may cost you 70$, but full body design prices in Toronto’s tattoo shops may be on average 1000$ to 4000$ and more.

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