Today many people resort to different means and methods to stand out from the crowd. It's about making the person unique in his/her personality. Tattoos are the best way to do this. Everyone can fulfill their wish, and «BiniTattoo» parlour offers you unique opportunities to implement this. We offer first-class professional services from the best tattoo artists in Toronto, who will serve you in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, and who do their job quickly, efficiently and painlessly.

TATTOO from $70
Price vary on size and details and specific Tattoo Artist
We can do everything

  • Only experienced, talented, creative and highly qualified tattooers work with us
  • A wide variety of styles – you can choose from the finished templates or bring us your unique motif
  • No matter whether small or large designs – with needle and colour we fulfill almost every wish

We always work under the most hygienic conditions. Our instruments, equipment and accessories are sterilized and cleaned according to the latest technologies. Needles and other tattoo utensils are disposed of after a single-use. «BiniTattoo» was recognized as the best tattoo shop in Toronto, and you can verify this personally by visiting us.

Tattoo techniques and styles

In our studio, we employ competent people: very experienced tattooists and piercers, who are constantly up to date with the techniques and tools in this area. Styles offered include:

  • Old school,
  • Neo-Traditional
  • 3D-Realistic
  • Watercolour
  • Black & White
  • Maori
  • Portrait
  • Dotwork-Mandala
  • Trash Polka and much more

We help you to find the perfect style for your idea. Our services are carried out with attention to detail. Piercings are also performed in our studio. Still looking for a good tattoo shop at near-me-place in Toronto? Just try to visit «BiniTattoo», and you surely choose to become our regular customer.

Equipment and hygiene standards

The «Bini Tattoo» shop in Toronto is the reference point for all tattoo lovers who are looking for experienced and competent tattooists who are specialized in different styles. Here you will find high-quality designs, compositions and unique ideas. Our parlour is also prized for its great attention in the choice of tattooing tools and inks used.


We pay special attention to the sterilization guidelines of the instruments and equipment used to ensure that the hygiene regulations are always fully complied with. Our friendly staff will welcome you to the studio and you will feel comfortable with us. We will help you to implement your tattoo idea in the best way possible. You can also contact us for piercings performed with the same competence and professionalism.

Look our awesome works
Look our awesome works

Over the years, our tattoo artists acquired vast experience in delivering high-quality services and coming up with creative solutions for each client. There’s a reason we are the best tattoo studio in Toronto – tattooing is an incredibly delicate and painstaking art and our artists have mastered it fully.

A variety of tattoo designs

You are looking to get a tattoo that sets you apart from the rest. We know this full well and are committed to creating a beautiful unique body artwork just as you envision it.
For example, here are just some of the tattoo body designs we can perform for you:
Asian style, Realistic, Colour, old school, Traditional, neo traditional, line work, dot work, portrait tattoo, custom tattoo of your choice and more.


We prioritize the health and well-being of our clients and are going an extra mile to ensure that all equipment in our studio is 100% sterile. We are thorough. But don’t take just our word for it – the health department inspections regularly confirm that we strictly follow all rules and regulations.


We support our clients in this process and provide detailed instructions of how to take care of their new tattoos. Attending to the fresh tattoos is very important for your health and the integrity of the tattoo so we continuously provide dedicated guidance and advice on this. Rest assured that you’ll get any consultation you need.


A lot of our clients are unhappy with the quality of tattoos someone else made for them. In many cases, our artists can do wonders and transform poorly done tattoos into something that makes you happy and proud.
So if your tattoo has been bugging you for years, don’t despair! Book a consultation with us and our artists will come up with a solution for you. However, if the tattoo design is beyond improvement, we will be honest and straightforward with you right from the start.

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Tattoo Shops in Toronto

Tattoo Shops in Toronto

How to choose a good tattoo parlor? How much do you know about tattoo parlors? And what about the good ones? Everyone who has at least one drawing on the body, is always asking these questions and experiencing some difficulties in the answers because making such picture is not a joke, it is for the whole life. So, what is the difference between a good and a bad tattoo? First of all, you should think many times before applying mascara under your skin. Think where and by whom the work will be carried out. It’s not enough just to search on the Internet for tattoo places near me or ask your friends for advice. You should be absolutely sure about the qualification of the master, his license, and especially in the parlor where he will make your drawing. A proof of the master’s good work is his result, this is the main product of the salon and the main advertising product.

Let’s consider how to choose the best tattoo places in Toronto and what moments should be necessarily noticed.

Entering one of the parlors near me. So, what the tattoo shop in Toronto should “show” you after you are inside? Firstly, a specialist for work with clients. It is the person who starts communicating with you and will continue to do this until the moment when you, absolutely happy and satisfied with the result, say “thank you all for your good work”. Many people mention cases when such specialist was also a master at the same time. Of course, it could not help distracting a person from work. And agree, discuss your tattoo with master responding to calls, questions on the Internet and inside the salon, is a bit annoying.

In all good tattoo places in Toronto, you will have a very serious conversation about what you want to see on your body, where, what color and size it should be. Be prepared for the fact that in many places in Toronto you will be helped to develop a fantasy and a specialist will offer to supplement your sketch with the artist’s ideas. There are a lot of drawings on the body in the world and most of them are similar to each other. That is why a good artist will never make an exact copy of the work of another specialist. An “average-quality” master will offer you to do such a picture without asking too much.

The sketch can be supplemented with some details a few times. Of course, with each new detail, the final result will increase in size and it is very important that you and the master make the so-called “fitting” several times. There are many cases when a client agrees to make a drawing and it eventually exceeds the dimensions that he expected. A good tattoo shop in Toronto will eliminate this problem in the first stage by fitting the sketch.

Best Places for Tattoos

Best Places for Tattoos

Contract and equipment for tattooing. After all the questions are asked and the specialist for work with clients, as well as the master himself, will discuss all the nuances, you have to conclude a contract in which all the details will be registered. Specialist of any of good tattoo parlours in Toronto should enter your personal data, all your wishes, mention the full cost of the drawing, and so on. The contract is a very important moment and if you have not been offered it in the “best tattoo shop near me” recommended by your friend – run away from there as fast as Forrest Gump.

Now about one more thing, you should draw attention to. In any salon, there are balloons with a paint. In the best places for tattoos, each bottle is branded. Each balloon will have its own color and brand name. This is not a major indicator of the parlor’s rating but agree, when consumables are purchased in the States and they are used by the most famous salons in the world, this gives a great confidence that you will get a drawing with beautiful colors and not squeezed gel pens.

Tattoo machines. Always pay attention to the device your master uses while the procedure. A good machine is easy to distinguish from the one made from electric shaver motor but it is actually quite difficult to distinguish it from Chinese fakes. Remember that with this device the needle pushes ink under your skin and your feelings directly depend on its quality. Whether you will feel a slight tingling or an infernal pain, it all depends on the machine. Old and self-made machines in mediocre tattoo shops in Toronto will make the whole process much more painful.

Tattoos Places in Toronto

Artist or impostor? A true artist will realize your ideas in the shortest possible time in such a way that it will be really beautiful and unique. For example, to choose one of the uncommon watercolour tattoos in Toronto. A bad master will download a picture from the Internet or, without additional questions, “transfer” to the body a sketch which you brought with you. A bad master is not an artist and that’s bad. A real master is first and foremost a good artist. Remember this once and for all.

Well, the final one. In a good salon, all the employees will come to see the ready-made work of the master because it is very important for everyone. If the drawing was made poorly, then the shadow of shame will fall on the whole salon and not just on the master. Therefore, in any of the really good tattoo parlours near me, a professional will always consult with other professional.

Conclusion words. We have smoothly approached the main question- “Where can I find a good tattoo shop near me?” Try to follow these tips, as well as look at the sketches and works of the salon masters. Come to the salon and ask questions, in a good parlor you will necessarily get answers to all your questions, and even a cup of coffee. In a bad parlor so-called “specialists” will not even speak to you in order to save their “priceless” time.